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April 20, 2014 was the hundredth anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre. Commemorative events, listed below are scheduled around the state.

Extra! Extra! At left, UMWA coal miners (not pictured) and their sons pose holding Trinidad Free Press newspapers covering the strike against Colorado Fuel and Iron Company in Ludlow. Headlines read:

  • Charges Hatched by the Military Officers
  • “Mother” Jones Sent to Denver During Night
  • Owners Stole Public Lands from Colorado

September 2014

  • Sep 11–28Ludlow, 1914, a play created by Brian Freeland and the LIDA Project, performed at TheatreWorks in Colorado Springs


March 2014

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Louis Tikas, a Greek immigrant, was a key organizer of the Ludlow strike camp. Above, the cover of Buried Unsung: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre by Zeese Papanikolas. The illustration is based on a work by John French Sloan produced for The Masses.
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Ruins of the Ludlow Colony. Photo shows ruins in the aftermath of the Ludlow Massacre, during which a tent camp of striking miners at Ludlow, Colorado was attacked by the Colorado National Guard on April 20, 1914. (Photo: Bain News Service via Library of Congress)

April 2014

  • Thu, Apr 10A Colorado Independent Event: Ludlow, 100 Years Later, a panel discussion on the Ludlow Massacre and the Colorado Coalfield War; panel members: Bob Butero (United Mine Workers), Frank Petrucci (son of a Ludlow striker), Dave Mason (Colorado’s Poet Laureate), and Wil Smith (employment attorney); Open Media Foundation, 700 Kalamath Street, Denver
  • Mon, Apr 14Discussion of Killing for Coal, by its author Dr. Thomas Andrews, an award-winning historian from University of Colorado at Boulder, will discuss his book about the Ludlow massacre titled Killing for Coal
  • Tue, Apr 15 (see also Apr 22) – Reading of Ludlow, an award-winning verse novel, read by the author, David Mason, Poet Laureate of Colorado, LARC Auditorium, CSU Pueblo
  • Wed, Apr 16Matewan, directed by John Sayles, InfoZone News Museum, Rawlings Library, 100 E Abriendo Ave, Pueblo; the film dramatizes the events of the Battle of Matewan, a coal miners’ strike in 1920 in Matewan, a small town in the hills of West Virginia
  • Thu, Apr 17Gary Ball Memorial Concerts (yes, two) featuring John McCutcheon (who will help commemorate the Ludlow Massacre), Vince Herman, Andy Thorn, Alice DiMicele, Nomad Theatre, 1410 Quince Ave, Boulder
  • Thu, Apr 17Reading of Blood Passion: The Ludlow Massacre and Class War in the American West, read by its author Scott Martelle, InfoZone, Rawlings Library, 100 E Abriendo Ave, Pueblo

It was early springtime when the strike was on,
They drove us miners out of doors,
Out from the houses that the Company owned,
We moved into tents at old Ludlow.

I was worried bad about my children,
Soldiers guarding the railroad bridge,
Every once in a while a bullet would fly,
Kick up gravel under my feet

We were so afraid they would kill our children,
We dug us a cave that was seven foot deep,
Carried our young ones and pregnant women
Down inside the cave to sleep

— Opening stanzas of “Ludlow Massacre
by Woody Guthrie

May 2014

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Solidarity Forever! Photograph shows Rebecca Edelsohn (c. 1889 or 1892–1973) after her arrest for attempting to hold an open air mass meeting in Fountain Square, Tarrytown, New York on May 30, without a permit. Edelsohn and fellow I.W.W. members were protesting labor violence in Ludlow, Colorado and went to Tarrytown to denounce John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (Photo: Bain News Service via Library of Congress)