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Itinerant worker, union organizer, labor agitator, cartoonist, poet, musician, composer—murdered by the judiciary in collusion with the mine owners who wished to silence his songs. They killed a man but gave birth to a legend.

— Artist Carlos Cortez, from his
famous woodcut of Joe Hill



The last weekend of August 2011 we had an unusual opportunity to honor Joe Hill and what he stands for. We at Bread and Roses Workers’ Cultural Center in Denver held two days of events for that purpose to coincide with the publication of Bill Adler’s exhaustive and dramatic new biography, The Man Who Never Died: The Life, Times, and Legacy of Joe Hill, American Labor Icon.

We are looking forward to commemmorating th 100th anniversary of Joe’s execution in 2015. If you would like to participate in any capacity, send an e-mail to

If you have something to add to the list below, please contact us at the above email address.


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While the People’s Songs organization may be forgotten to many, several of its members are household names: Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Woody Guthrie, Josh White, Earl Robinson, Ronnie Gilbert, Burl Ives, Alan Lomax. The image above comes from the Labor Arts virtual museum.

Film and Television


  • The American Folklife Center: “A Brief List of References to Joe Hill, the Person and the Song”
  • Holt Labor Library: bibliography and links to websites and archives
  • Joe Hill Project at the University of Utah contains information about the case against Joe Hill, including contemporary newspaper transcripts, biographical sketches, location and historical photographs, and even a map—but beware of many errors (e.g., crediting “Joe Hill” composer Earl Robinson with penning “Solidarity Forever”)
  • J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, has much material, including digital (watermarked) photographs and articles

In each there lives the spirit cold and dark,
But a single flame, a solitary spark,
One beacon to ignite the working class
One man whose flesh resides within the grass

His body killed; his life a short reprise,
His murder done by governmental lies.
The voice one stilled, rings on throughout the earth
It sings while some small remnant gives it birth.

The world will say he perished with his death
But workers live his songs with every breath
His voice cannot be stilled by worldly powers
Joe Hill’s eternal voice sings on in ours.

— Ken Valero, Denver Mailers Union No. 8, on the
occasion of the presentation of a birthday card
for Joe Hill to the Denver branch of the
Industrial Workers of the World


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Music – Songs by Joe Hill

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Music – Inspired by Joe Hill

Music & Video

  • Music by and inspired by Joe Hill streams here with visuals
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From Barrie Stavis’ The Man Who Never Died, a 2009 production by Association for the Retention of Cultural Heritages (ARCH) at Lafayette’s Harlequin Center for the Performing Arts.


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